Selling Your Home? 10 Facts You Need to Know!

1. Well maintained homes sell for more money

What does this mean? If a home shows areas that need fixing, a buyer will wonder what other things need repair and might be afraid to buy, offer a lower price or will request these repairs be done prior to closing. In turn, that can cost you more money and more stress than you anticipated. A well maintained home provides a sense of well being to any prospective buyer as they imagine the home has been well taken care for and likely will not provide them with too many worries down the road after they purchase the home. This also means you should de-clutter and organize your home prior to putting it on the market. Help your potential buyers envision themselves living in your home by ridding your home with excess belongings and personal touches that may not resonate with a general buyer.


2. Good photography and videography can help sell homes

Did you know over 90% of buyers start their home search online?! That means they want to “see” homes first and not read about them. Buyers want to see high quality photos and videos as they start their home search. Poor quality photographed or too few of photos will have buyers clicking the next button before giving your home a second glance.

3. Staging can help your home sell faster

On average, staged homes sell in 11 days or less and sell for 17% more! Unless your home already looks like one of Meridith Baer’s designs, then home staging is a great way to sell your home quick and for a great price. This is also a great feature to add to vacant homes, newly built homes or homes that lack furniture. This allows the buyer to get a better feel for the space and hopefully envision themselves calling your house home. Keep in mind — most agents will pick up the cost for home staging, so never hesitate to ask your realtor about adding that to your listing contact and/or marketing plan.

4. The closing date, is move-out date

When you think of your ‘closing date,’ think its time to close that door the last time. Closing date means move-out date, so keep track of that date so you can have all your belongings packed up and ready to go.

5. Make sure buyers are financially eligible

First off — your real estate agent should only be showing buyers your home once they know the buyer’s credit, income and assets to make sure they can indeed afford to buy your home. Make sure you hire a real estate agent who screens buyers before they enter your home.

6. Buyers love to negotiate prices after the home inspection

This time is where buyers will nickel and dime you for every little repair they see fit. Hiring a skilled realtor who knows how to negotiate, is key for these types of situations. Like mentioned in #1, buyers will request major repairs be done prior to closing, so avoid the stress and cost, and get the big repairs done prior to listing — then the repairs will be done on your watch, and you’ll have the time and ability to shop around for the best price.

7. Home priced right, will sell

Simply put, price your home to sell. Take the emotions out of the process and work efficiently with your real estate agent to determine a proper price for your home. From the first day you list your home, you will attract the most qualified and most interested buyers. The first few weeks of a new home listing shines brightest, but if your home is priced too high, it will lose its luster and attention. A home that sits on the market too long becomes stale and potential buyers start to wonder if something’s wrong with the house. If a home is priced right, buyers will want to see more. So price your home right, sit back and let the multiple offers roll in.

8. Help buyers envision themselves living in your home

Begin your packing before listing your home for sale and remove all the memories on display and all the things that say “you” live there. This may seem difficult with all the memories your have built in this home, but your home is now in a position to sell, not to reminisce. Help potential buyers see themselves living in your home, raising a family, celebrating holidays, etc., by de-cluttering and removing personal objects that will distract them from seeing the true beauty of your home.

9. Know your local real estate market

Real estate will always be local and to be able to sell your home, it’s critical to know what the local trends are for your neighborhood. With the vast amount of resources available online, its easy to find out what type of housing market your home is in and receive a rough estimate of what your home may be worth. Having some basic knowledge of the current housing market, recent trends and local real estate news can help you in the selling process and provide you a better understanding of whats going on. However, those are not nearly as accurate as the knowledge and expertise a licensed real estate professional can provide, so hire someone knowledgable who can add to what you already know and get your home sold quick and for a great price.

10. Hire a knowledgable and savvy real estate professional

Make sure you hire an intelligent realtor who knows the market extremely well, can provide you with great market analysis, implement a stellar marketing plan and guide you through the selling process with ease. The rule of thumb is always hire someone smarter than you, right? So of course this applies to real estate agents as well — you’re entrusting them with the sale of possibly your biggest financial asset, so hire someone good!

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Posted on: July 10, 2015, by : stephanieronca